Bronze's Expedition Log

Expedition Log

Phase One

At the time of this penning Bootsie is en route to Oregon.  Traveling along with her is several days worth of hay, my riding saddle, pack saddle, panniers, assorted ropes and halters, and the accouterments of her care such as brushes, hoof picks, fly spray etc…  I hope to be reunited with her by June 15.

She will await me at my aunt’s farm outside of Corvallis, whereat she might eat her fill of fresh green grass, thus adding some flesh and energy stores for the long journey ahead.

I feel a growing sense of excitement and anticipation knowing that a portion of my equipage is already on its way to the jumping off point.  The remainder I am in the process of organizing–the second floor of my apartment is now primarily a staging area where one might find all manner of unusual or archaic items strewn about.  To facilitate ease of transport for my support people, it is my aim to have each segment’s resupply neatly boxed up in a discrete unit.

Yesterday I fashioned some thick fleece insoles for my moccasins from a large sheep pelt which I purchased from a garage sale at a very agreeable price.  I’m not sure if the extra support will be necessary but it will be nice to have them on hand.  I also used the fleece to make a cushioned shoulder strap for my haversack.  A different garage sale yielded a tanned deer hide which I plan on keeping handy for such repairs as are needed from time to time.  It could also serve for two center-seam moccasins.

There is but little left to be purchased for the expedition.  The bulk of my efforts henceforth shall be directed at organizing and preparing the goods for transport, and the settling of various affairs in California to allow for a five month absence.  I am feeling quite happy!

6 Responses to “Phase One”

  1. SKY ELOBAR says:

    Bronze, Rock on man!! This sounds like a fantastic journey. I love it.
    Happy Trails, Sky Elobar

  2. Eva Kapusi says:

    Dear Hans:

    I heard your message today on the CC hotline. What an amazing adventure you are about to embark on! I am certain you will have the adventure of a lifetime and I don’t have any doubts that you will conquer whatever obsticles are thrown at you on this journey. Don’t worry about not being prepared enough. You’ll learn everything you need to know on the trail in the first couple of weeks. I cannot wait to read your posts on this site. I wish you a safe and successful journey. Your life is never going to be the same after this adventure.

    All the best,

    Eva Kapusi

    P.S.: I hope a book will be in the works after you successfully finished your journey.

  3. Mary Pham says:

    It sounds amazing! My fiancee says he admires what you are doing (he’s into that, too!)

    Have a fun and great adventure. Please be safe! : )

  4. Ally Jones says:

    I am so happy for you! Freeing yourself up and going on such an amazing adventure is the best thing –EVER–to do! That’s when magick really shows herself. I wish you and Bootsie all the best and I am truly looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  5. Tyson Weihe says:

    Hi Hans:
    Don’t get too familiar with Bootsie on your long journey. Have a Safe Trip. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Try to keep Casting Issues out of your Head during your Adventure. The Best, Tyson

  6. JOAN SCHWARTZ says:

    Best of luck ! I look forward to following your journey on your website.