Bronze's Expedition Log

Expedition Log

Packing Advisor

I got out to Western Feed & Livestock Supplies in Yucaipa and spoke with the very affable and knowledgeable owner, Ken Winnefeld. He could not have been more helpful and friendly and I feel lucky to have crossed his path. He’s been doing some pretty extensive packing trips for the last 4 years or so and had an answer for any question I could muster.

Based on our conversation, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with a sawbuck saddle, and oversized canvas panniers. Measuring 30″x22″x15″ (5.73 cu.ft) they are about the biggest panniers I can get. This will be crucial since I’ll likely be hauling two 50 lb bags of mule feed. I’ll need as much volume as I can get for all my other supplies.

Other items I’ll need to acquire:

* Canvas & Fleece Packing Pad, 2 Horse Blankets: to cushion the back and possibly keep me warm in a pinch.
* Hobbles & Bell: hopefully I can turn Bootsie out in a field to graze at night. The hobbles will keep her from straying too far–the bell will help me find her in the morning if she does
* Water Bucket: the collapsible canvas kind for carrying water to camp if the source is difficult to reach.
* Quality Leather Mule Halter: no expense to be spared given the rugged use of this crucial item.
* Manty, Lash Cinch, 50 ft rope: the manty is a 7’x7′ canvas tarp that goes over everything and gets lashed into a nice bundle with a rope. I need to become adept with the box hitch–the knot used to bind everything together.

I should probably put in an order for the above gear with Western Feed this week. The sooner I have it ready, the sooner I can begin to practice in it’s usage. And the sooner I can begin Bootsie’s conditioning.

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