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Expedition Log

The Cavalry Horse and his Pack

I just finished reading the above treatise on late 19th Century military equestrian matters. It was published in 1903 and, reading in hindsight, quite a few passages are rather bittersweet given that the topic to which the author so clearly devoted an immense amount of research was in its twilight of relevancy. It is quite applicable to my endeavor though, and was a worthwhile read. For my purposes, not much has changed in the art of packing and horse handling since then. It certainly made the cavalry service sound incredibly appealing–I can imagine I would have spent a lot of time fantasizing about life in the saddle had I been a boy 100 years earlier.

I found this book, and several other equestrian travelogues through the Long Riders Guild. It’s about as thorough a resource on equestrian travel that one could find. Check out their Expeditions page–I was amazed at how many people there are out there, trotting around the globe! I hope that one day I can be included with them, assuming walking with a mule counts.

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