Bronze's Expedition Log

Expedition Log

Equipment Weight and Volume

I just finished weighing the majority of my gear.  Below is a spreadsheet of my projected PCT Equipment List.  Right now it’s coming in at just under 170 lbs.  This is encouraging since I’ve been told to limit Bootsie’s load to 150-175 lbs.  This is squarely in that range, and will decline at about 8 or 9 lbs per day, meaning in 3 days we’re well below the 150 lb limit.

I tended overestimate the weights or round up an ounce, to give myself a cushion.  This will be offset I’m sure by the missing items I’ve yet to weigh.  Approximately 86 lbs of the load will be Bootsie’s feed, which is unfortunate.  If I were truly doing it in the spirit of Fremont she’d have only what she could graze upon, and I’d have an additional 30 days worth of supplies I could bring!  I’d only need to be resupplied every 6 or so weeks–now that would be a real expedition!

I’m not including anything that I will be carrying on my person, as it wont count towards my mule’s load.  That amount I will determine at a later time.

wool socks x 2 14
dyer moccasins carried
leggings carried
breech clout carried
silk leggings 4
silk shirt 4
long hunter shirt carried
wool stocking cap 7
wide brimmed hat carried
belts carried
canvas ground cloth–waterproofed 64
sheep skin 256
backpacking stove 2
fuel canisters 32
sealable tin pot 16
tin cup 6
spoon 1
spatula 1
steel wool/scrubby 2.5
dish rag 1
Water Filter 11
wool cozy 3.5
gourd 1 (filled) 58
gourd 2 (filled) 98
haversack carried
tins 56
wineskin carried
feed sack 13
hobbles tbd
6 lbs feed/day 1344
knife carried
whetstone 1
flint carried
steel 1
char paper 1
trowel tbd
hatchet carried
folding saw tbd
needles 8
sinew above
thread above
shears above
awls tbd
leather scraps 36
fishhooks 1
toothbrush 1
spyglass 13
compass carried
maps carried
journal carried
pens carried
lantern 24
book lantern 4
brass lantern 4
lamp oil 56
funnel 1
lamp oil container 1
pemmican A 448
hardtack 63
oats 39
butter 7
sugar 11.2
TOTAL WEIGHT 169.6375 pounds

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